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The Facilities


Asian tourists generally do not speak any European language apart from, possibly, some basic English. Our store, therefore, has a high proportion of Japanese and Chinese nationals as shop sales assistants.

Due to the shortage of time and the fact that the tourists travel and shop together in groups, the store has to be capable of serving large numbers of people in a short time; this requires particular staff training and cash till handling disciplines (including multi-currency capabilities).  Galeria Lisl operates state of the art technology in respect of cash registers and credit cards.

There are plenty of toilet facilities in the store for use by the customers which reduces customer waiting times and is particularly welcome after a long coach journey.

The store also has to be capable of processing tax-free reclaim forms in a quick and efficient fashion. We offer with planet tax free.


​The sizes and depth of product ranges stocked in the store needs to reflect the particular needs of the Asian tourist customer.  They often like to purchase 5 to 10 of the same item for small gifts to ensure that each gift recipient is treated in the same way.  Their size requirements and tastes are also different from the typical European domestic market customer.

We offer free Wi-Fi access in the store.

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