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Our Customers


Galeria Lisl is a tourist retail store catering for the unique shopping requirements of Asian and other international tourists such as:

  • Chinese                        

  • Japanese

  • Korean                         

  • Taiwanese

  • ​Hong Kong Chinese

  • ​Thai

The Asian travel industry (particularly the Chinese travel industry) is directly responsible for the growth of specialist stores, such as Galeria Lisl, as travel agents had to find a way to satisfy their customers' shopping obligations as simply and as quickly as possible.  They determined that normal domestic market stores were not suitable.


The availability of suitable shopping facilities is a necessary element of a tour group package.  The inclusion of a store visit in an itinerary ensures that the tour group members spend approximately 30 minutes in the store.  The store is therefore presented with a high spending, captive group of customers.


The travel agents operate an accreditation system whereby they approve a small number of stores in Europe that satisfy their quality requirements with respect to the ambience of the store; the brands stocked; pricing levels; language capabilities of the store staff; toilet facilities and the Asian after sales office.

Group travel

​The store is specially organised to satisfy the shopping needs of the Asian tourists particularly when they travel in groups.


The purchase of significant quantities of gifts whilst travelling abroad can be a real problem when travel itineraries are tight.  Galeria Lisl was established and continues to develop as a direct response to the travel industry’s requirements to provide their clients with specialist shopping facilities that do not exist in the European domestic retail sector.


​Over 327,000 customers visited Galeria Lisl in 2015.

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